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Reni Pani School

Set in the heart of India, Reni Pani School is in the central state of Madhya Pradesh. Attended by 50 students between the age of 3 to 10, the school is free for local students to attend. 

Facilities are sparse, in fact they don't even have chairs and desks or a uniform to wear to school. Despite this they're still getting an education in the hope they'll then be able to find employment

Every purchase on SpenceandI buys one item for the school. Dependent on your purchase you can select a choice of items to donate whether it be text books, stationary, chairs, desks, uniform or bicycles 

Together, we can share our own comfort with someone to help change a child's life

Our Commitment

It's our promise that any of the products sold on our website all meet a high standard of being 100% eco friendly, ethically sourced and socially compliant.

From the timber we use, the pest control that treats the timber, the packaging the furniture is sent in and the welfare of the artisan’s health and safety

We are committed to bring you the finest products causing the least amount of environmental impact 

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