What is Buy 1 Give 1 about?

It's the core of the business and one of the major factors for starting our shop, we wanted to help people.

We've been part of Patchwork Kids Charity since it first started so when a new school was discovered to support
in a small village we know well in India, we wanted to see just how much we could do to help.

With every purchase that is made, we purchase an item to help students of Reni Pani School in Satpura, Madhya Pradesh, India.
Items the school has requested include tables and chairs, text books, school uniform and even electricity to the building!

We currently support 50 children through Patchwork Kids and we're looking forward to keep increasing the number of children we can help.

Did you know it costs £120 to support a child in the school for an entire year including tuition fees, uniform, text books,
extra curricular activities and even a bike to get to school? Only £10 a month to give a child everything they need for an education.

See more about Patchwork Kids here www.patchworkids.org
(Charity Reg Number: 1107917)