About Buy 1 Give 1

What Will My Purchase Donate?

We assess what your donation is dependent on the item cost of your purchase. We're looking into allowing you to pick the item you donate once you make a purchase. Currently this is the breakdown 

Purchases under £100: Textbooks or Extra Curricular Activity Sponsorship
Purchases £100 to £500: School uniform or Sports Equipment 
Purchases £500 to £1000: An item of school furniture
Purchases over £1000: Full support of a student for 1 year

Who Is Patchwork Kids?

The charity was started when we returned to the UK after 8 years in India with the mission of continuing to support the schools we'd been heavily involved with during our time living in Pachmarhi. We founded the charity in 2005 to create a structured manner to help people and have continued the support since helping hundreds of children enter school and graduate with qualifications.

Here is a BBC article about our time in India: SEE MORE

See more about Patchwork Kids here www.patchworkids.org
(Charity Reg Number: 1107917)

How Can I Donate More?

We'd be very happy to speak to you if you wanted to get more involved with our charitable efforts. It costs £120 per year to support a student to attend Reni Pani School which includes an entire year of tuition fees, uniform, text books,
extra curricular activities and even a bike to get to school.

Only a £10 a month donation gives a child everything they need for an education.

Email ruth@spenceandi.com to get more information 

How Can I Track My Donation?

We will keep everyone regularly updated via our Facebook page, Instagram profile and emails to explain how your purchase and subsequent donations are changing people's lives.

You can decide how you prefer to be kept updated by following one of our social channels, keep up to date with our newsletter or simple email us/ Facebook message us and ask!